Add Social Media Button in Your Website

Published : November 2, 2018

In this post we are discus about how to implement social Buttons on your website.the social buttons give a great look to your website and affect to your user experience , and the social buttons is also usefull to contact you.    



Method: this is a very simple to add social media’s button in a web page, there are few steps to make buttons, if you follow all steps as describe ,you can makes a good looking and working  buttons . here a given only HTML code you have to design and adjust button as you want.
STEP[1]. Enter The Following Code into your website code.
Source Code
<div class="sidebar social">
<div class="boxframe widget">
<table border="1" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="0" style="width:300px">
<div style="background:#eeeeee; border:1px solid #cccccc; padding:5px 10px">
<span style="font-family:Times New Roman,Times,serif"> Follow Us</span></div>
<div style="background:#eeeeee; border:1px solid #cccccc; padding:5px 10px; text-align:justify">
<a href="#" title="Twitter"><img alt="Twitter" src="" /></a>

<a href="#" title="Facebook"><img alt="Facebook" src="" /></a>
<a href="#" title="Tumblr"><img alt="Tumblr" src="" /></a>
<a href="#" title="YouTube"><img alt="YouTube" src="" /></a>
<a href="#" title="Vimeo"><img alt="Vimeo" src="" /></a>
<a href="#" title="LinkedIn"><img alt="LinkedIn" src="" />
</a> <a href="#" title="Behance"><img alt="Behance" src="" /></a>
<a href="#" title="Envato"><img alt="Envato" src="" /></a>
<a href="#" title="Evernote"><img alt="Evernote" src="" /></a>
<a href="#" title="Gowalla"><img alt="Gowalla" src="" /></a>
<a href="#" title="Paypal"><img alt="Paypal" src="" /></a>
<a href="#" title="Pinterest"><img alt="Pinterest" src="" /></a>
<a href="#" title="Quora"><img alt="Quora" src="" /></a>
<a href="#" title="Google"><img alt="Google" src="" />
</a> <a href="#" title="Googleplus"><img alt="Googleplus" src="" /></a>
<a href="#" title="Github"><img alt="Github" src="" /></a> 
<a href="#" title="Flickr"><img alt="Flickr" src="" /></a> 
<a href="#" title="WordPress"><img alt="WordPress" src="" /></a> 
<a href="#" title="RSS"><img alt="RSS" src="" /></a></div>

STEP[2]. you have to add your social links and replace with #.

STEP[3]. Save File and Open browse your Website.

OutPut Look Like That:

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