10+ Best AMP Blogger Templates Free Download

Published : April 28, 2019

10+ Best AMP Blogger Templates Free Download | AMP full form AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), it is a Web Framework that helps the website to be fast loading web pages made in AMP, light is Wight, so there is fast load. According to Google’s new algorithm, the speed of the website that is fast is ranked fast in Google. On the contrary, the number of websites that take longer to load decreases their ranking.

Why AMP?

Google gives priority to AMP pages to provide a good user experience to its users so that the visitor can save time,
Many times it happens that we have to wait a long time to get some information from Google, even if it takes time for one to two minutes.
But today, in this Busy life, nobody has too much time in this life. The AMP is Need of Today’s Life Style.

Intro to AMP

AMP for Blogger and WordPress

Amp can be used in any type of website, but in particular, the amp is used for WordPress and blogger, many plugins are present for enabling amp in WordPress, using the Plugins we can easily make Amp pages for WordPress Website.

In the same way, if you use a blogger, then you have to use the AMP  friendly blogger Templates, then you will be able to make your blogger website AMP ready. Here we are going to talk about blogger amp templates in Detail

Benefits of AMP Pages

Amp has many benefits, here you are talking about some of the most important benefits, which are very important for you to know.

  1. Helps your website rank in Google
  2. Helps in reducing Bounce Rate
  3. Attracts more and more visitors

Best AMP Blogger Templates

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