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In this post, I am going to tell you about 10 such platforms that will help you convert any of your websites into Android or ios app. Here I have told about some apps and websites that convert any website into a mobile app in minutes.

Here we will learn to convert your website into mobile app with the help of some mobile apps and websites. The specialty of these websites is that it is absolutely free, you do not have to spend money and it is also very easy to use. so let’s start.

[1]. All App Press

Through this website you can create android or ios any type of app from your website, as well as you can add Admob ads into your created app from here.

All App Press is a free App Maker website where you can convert your website to android or ios app by using the URL of your website. For this you just have to create an account in it and only. after that you will be able to create a free app. In this website, you can create only one app if you want to create more than one app then you can do using different email id.

[2]. Android Studio

Android Studio is used to create an Android app, it is a free app development platform. It was purchased by Google and it is now managed by Google itself.

Here you must have knowledge of Java and XML for creating apps. Professional apps are made in Android studios, so if you want to create a professional web app, then you should use Android studio.

The biggest advantage of creating an app in the Android studio is that you have just your right to get Earning through Ads, while other third party app creator websites keep you around 5% of your Earning. So you should create an app on Android Studio. But due to the complications and No Coding Skill, its usage is reduced

[3]. Apk Creator

If you want to create a good web app from your mobile phone then Apk Creator can be a good option. This is an Android app where you can make an app using your website’s URL

Both its free and paid versions are available at the Play Store. You can also create Android Apps using Free version, but in the web app made in free version you will see the watermark of Apk Creator. But you can easily remove this watermark by using Apk Editor.

If you use Free version, you will not see any type of watermark.if you want to create Android app from its mobile phone, then it is best.

[4]. Go Native

go native is a website where you can create your mobile app. Here also you can create Android and ios app through the URL of your website.

Here you get many designs for your app. You can create one by using any one of these designs. Here you first have to create your account and after the App is created, that app is sent to your email ID from where you can download it and use it, and you can upload it to the Play Store as well.

[5]. Thunkable

Thunkable is the online app creation platform where you do not have to have the coding skills to make App. It is very easy to make App here, instead of coding you have to design your app by blocks

To make app, first you need to create an account by going to the thunkable website and then you can create your app on it. Here you find a lot of tools to create one that you can use to create a nice app.

Here you find many important features like Firebase Database, Google Spread Sheet, Admob Ads, Push Notifications, and it is also very easy to use.

You can create a dynamic app here using the Firebase database and speadsheet. And here you can earn money by Admob ADs. You can also upload this app to the Play Store. But there you can not make app more than 10 mb size.

In this post I have told you how to convert your website into an app. If you have any questions or queries, then you can comment on us. We will definitely answer your comments as well as you will like our Facebook page so that you can find similar tutorials on Facebook.


My name is Kamalesh saini , working as e-mitra operator and web developer too. i am here to guide people who need help in learning php MySQL, HTML,CSS, and javascript.

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