How To Make A School Id card Generate System by Php

Published : November 2, 2018

Hello Friends, in this post, I will tell you how you can create many Id Cards on one click. In this post, we are going to create a project with the help of php and mysql, where we will learn to create many good id cards in one click. You can download the source code of this project from the download button at the end of this post.

What is Id Card Generator?

As you may know, today’s id cards are so important in schools and colleges, every year schools and colleges create number of thousands of ID cards and for this, they spend a lot of money so that it becomes necessary. You have a system that lets you create all the id cards with one click. In this project we are going to discuss this, so let’s start.

In this project, you get two pages in index.php and result.php . fill the student’s details in index.php page, so that the details of that student will be stored in the database and clicking on the “View id cards” that will show you all the id cards. You can also print all the id cards at the same time.

How To Setup This Project in Your Desktop?

To set up this project you first need to download the source code of this project from the download button below and then following all the steps given below. This will require localhost, so first of all, given below From the link you install the XAMPP server in the desktop. Without a XAMPP server, you will not be able to run this project.

STEP [1]. If you have a XAMPP server in your computer, first go to XAMPP controlor and start Apache and Mysql. And import the SQL file into the phpMyAdmin database. After creating the database, connect it to the project. File name – student_id.sql

STEP [2]. To connect the database to the project, first, open the index.php and the result.php page in the text-editor. After this you have to make some changes as described below.

Database connection – $con = mysqli_connect(“localhost”,”root”,””,”student_id”);

STEP [3]. Now open your browser and open localhost. After this, to browse this project, this project should be in the htdocs folder of Xampp folder. If you saved this project in the htdocs folder, then you have to search ‘localhost / your project name’  in the browser. And search. You will now have the index.php page open.

STEP [4]. Now your id cards genetor is ready. You can fill in the details of the students and generat Id cards of students.


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