How to Export and Import PhpMyadmin database?

Published : November 2, 2018

This article will tell you about export and insert databases.Sometimes you have to remove your databases from one place to another . Below are some steps explained, for export and import the database

How To Export Database?

STEP[1]. open Xampp controller and start Apache and Mysql


STEP[2]. open your browser and search there “localhost/dashboard”.click                             on”PhpMyadmin”


STEP[3]. Select the database which you want to export .after click on database                      press on “Export” tab


STEP[4]. press on “Go” for Export Database. after pressing on ‘GO’ you can see                   a SQL File in Download Section.That is your Database in SQL format.                  now you can use it for Importing database at another place.


How To Import Database?

STEP[1]. Start your XAMPP server then start browser and search                                           “localhost/dashboard”.Click on “PhpMyadmin” tab.


STEP[2]. Click on ‘Import’ button for Import a Sql file and import there your                       SQL file


STEP[3]. Select your SQL file and press “Go”


STEP[4]. after pressing “Go” you can see a new database in your you can see that i have imported data successfully.

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