How to Make A database management System by Php & mySQL

Published : November 2, 2018

Create a simple dynamic database management system by PHP MySQL

through the database management system you can manage the data of any office, school and shop database management plays an important role in the collection of data. this project has many functions of PHP MySQL you can easily understand the source code and you can modify as you want this project is totally free for anyone and you can make a database management system if you follow all steps .this project provided by

feature of this system

  • you can add customers
  • you can delete customers
  • you can edit customers
  • you can view all customers
Download full source code here…


if you have downloaded the source code then you have to follow these steps given below so that you could understand better

STEP[1]. download the source code and extrate it on htdocs folder of your XAMPP directory.

STEP[2]. open XAMPP controlar and start apache and Mysql.



STEP[3]. after extrate files and start XAMPP server then open your Browser and search “localhost


STEP[4]. open phpmyadmin


STEP[5]. import SQL file into your database


STEP[6]. save all files

STEP[7]. once again open your browser and search this directory.”localhost/my_account”

Output Look Like That

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