How to make a registration and Login form by php.

Published : November 2, 2018

Now create easy dynamic registration form By Php, This form has some feature like registration, login, & logout etc.



Friends are going to create a form that is used in almost all online areas. We will also give you some tips about this and its complete code will also give you free of cost so that you do not have to face the difficulties in learning. You can style the form according to your wish

To make this form easier, we did not style it. In this we have given more light on inserting data and fetching and in this we have almost tried to include all the parts of the form. After learning this, Can design the form ।
We will understand this form step by step:-

STEP[1]. Create a New Database as MY_DATA: and Create a new table CLINT: and add name and values as given into below table

STEP[2]. Create a folder in C:\xampp\htdocs\simple_form and make these files



There are some codes files,simply copy these code and paste into reletade files.

File-1 register.php

File-2 login.php

File-3 logout.php



File-4 result.php
File-5 my_data.sql

STEP[4]. Start your xampp server.


STEP[5]. Import my_data.sql : file into your phpmyAdmin databse .


STEP[6]. Open your internet browser and insert 

                       ” http://localhost/simple_form/register.php”  your form will be run. 

This form contains all the facts that are in a general form and have made full effort to make it easier

So : thanks for reading this post.
Comment: For Any Doubts.& Problem.

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