Introduction Of PHP MySQL

Published : November 2, 2018

introduction Of php:

Php (Hypertext pre processor) is a programming language for
making dynamic web sites and applications.this is a server-side
   scripting language that’s mean it is work on server and local host only.

 it was created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994.


introduction Of MySQL:

 SQL(Structured Query Language) This Is A programming language to work with the data.
Such As data insert ,Data Fetch, & it Has Many Formulas for data management . We can call 
table’s any part of Row And Cols etc. and show its data in php pages with attractive designs as we want.

Example of MySQL Database

  We can Import/Export It’s Data with SQL File “file.sql” And keep data In a separate file.  But    Extension Must be .sql Format. 

setup for php:

install xampp server & open It.

 Start Action : Apache , MySQL & Minimize Window.

make project directory Like This:

     Keep your Php File In My_page Folder & File Name Must Be -index.php .

write first php code:

PHP, CSS, javascript can be included in php script.To write php script, you have a text editor              and a localhost software Is required.


          echo “this is my frist php page!”;



how to save

       save php file as “index.php” Extension must be PHP .

run your first project 

Now we will run this php file. For this, we have to open the Xampp control panel
Now you have to open your browser and write localhost / your project. Now you will see that              your The made page will be visible here Like This.

Your window will be open with your index file.

benefit of php:

The php language has many advantages that you might not find in other languages
With the help of php, you can create a dynamic website. The dynamic website means that you             have the data of your database Shows on your web page and can save any data to the database.

      example of php sites

The construction of many big websites is confused with php like: FACEBOOK, amazone,                   flipkart, quara & Every E-commerce , Social Media , And Heavy Data-Base WebSites etc.

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