How to upload a website on free hosting

Published : November 2, 2018

Upload Website On 000.freewebhost


In this post, I will tell you how you can upload your website to an online server. Here I am using a free web host to tell you. In previous tutorials, we learned how to put a “Google sign-in” button in the website. If you did not read that post, you can read it by visiting this link.

What is 000.freewebhost?

freewebhost is free web hoster where you can host your website without spending any money. It allows you to host two websites. Here you can upload your WordPress website too, But due to this being free hosting, it has some limitations that this Sarvar remains 1 hour / day sleep, And when you host your website on it, your website will see the watermark of freewebhost. You can get rid of this by using its Primium version, but at the moment you are about to tell about free web hosting, so let’s start.

Get Start With 000.freewebhost

Before hosting your website on the free web host, you will first need to create a free account in it, first of all search the URL in your browser.

You have to give an email, password, username to Registration in website. Do not worry, you can change the name of your website later, so give your name now.


After successfull registration, you first have to check your email inbox, you will get an email of 000.freewebhost to which you will be asked to varify your email, so first you can varify your email.

After varify the email, we come back to the main page of the free web host. You will get the option of uploading your website. You can also create your website on WordPress, but at the moment you are about to call Localhost on an online server. So we will click on upload website.

Here you will see a page as shown in the photo below. Here you have to click upload file and after that you have to follow the steps mentioned below.

STEP [1]. upload here your website.


 STEP [2]. Create a New Database for Website.

Now you can import here your Database , if you don’t know how to import data into database you can read our privius tutorial on “import and export databases in phpmyadmin” .

  • How to Import and Export Data In PhpMyAdmin Database

After uploading files and creating a database, now we have to connect our website to the database, make some changes to the connection page as described below.


Now search your website’s url in browser and you will see your website

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